As Entrepreneurs effectivity counts. It’s great to be efficient, but match efficiency with effectivity and you get efficacy – the art of achieving desired results. This is our central principal at Jetpack CRM. We aim to make you more effective and efficient. Quick Filters is one great example of this principal in action.


With one click you can view a group – e.g. All contacts with a tag, or unpaid invoices


With a few easy clicks you can choose which Quick-filters you want in which order


As Jetpack CRM grows
(we develop consistently) we add Quick-filters to each CRM list view

Power Behind-the-scenes

We’ve done the math. Each of us spends a large proportion of our CRM time in the list-view for Contacts, Transactions, Invoices etc. It follows then that we need an optimised workflow surrounding how we deliver these lists of objects. Jetpack CRM does a lot of work behind-the-scenes to make your CRM (and Quick-filters) quick and easy to use.

Currently, there are only a few little settings for Quick-filters, because we’ve optimised them so much they’re pretty much set and forget!

Jetpack CRM Quick Filter Settings

No-Nonsense Quick Access to Segments, Tags & More

No fussing about doing advanced searches or working out which contacts have a tag. Quick Filters offer you optimised work flows out-of-the-box. Quick-Filters work with all of our List views:


Quick Filters for Contacts in Jetpack CRM

One-Click access to different Segments

With one click from the Contacts list you can jump to any number of sub-groups of contacts – tailored to your company or team’s workflow.

Access Contacts by Status
Access Contacts with Tags
Access Contacts in Segments
Access Contacts Older than X days
Access Contacts Not Contacted within X days

Easy to Edit Quick-Filters

Simply click the edit icon next to Filters and then you can drag and drop which filters you want from the available quick filters list.

One-Quick Edit
Drag and Drop Quick Filter Selection
Easy for all Users
Choosing Quickfilters for Invoices in the CRM

Selecting Contact Quick Filters

Contact Quick Filters

As you can see in this example, we have a number of different quick filters available in this install – each of these could be dragged/dropped into the ‘Current Quick Filters’ area and used with ease.

Out-of-the-box Quick-Filters
Automatically added Segments
Automatically added Statuses