Use a CRM which fits your locale

Jetpack CRM is fully translation ready. Start using the CRM in your local language and not worry about requiring a strong knowledge of English to understand what’s going on.


Our CRM is translation ready. Head over to our translation page to keep the CRM up to date.


Choose how you want your currency to display in the CRM. Symbol position, decimal separator and more choices.


For those of you who use different date formats, control how they should display in your CRM.

Written for your Language

All the strings in the CRM are fully translatable via the WordPress translation system (and .mo, .po files for the oldschool).

Currency Formatting Options

Not all currencies are formatted like $X,XXX.XX so why restrict a CRM to operate in that format. Jetpack CRM lets you choose the currency to match your locale. Perfect. No confusion or denominating your business in USD when you really should be selling in EUR.

Currency Symbol
Thousand Separator
Decimal Separator.
Symbol Position.
Currency Formatting

Translation Ready

Translation Ready

The Jetpack CRM runs in your language. We proudly support all available languages that are offered by and the available translation projects.

Translation Ready
Translations Crowd Sourced

We always need help though, if your language is needing some translations (or some approving, and you can approve them) then we’d love your help. Just head over to our guide on how to translate Jetpack CRM.