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MailPoet Sync – Import your Subscribers into Jetpack CRM

Sync MailPoet subscribers into Jetpack CRM

As of v5.5 of Jetpack CRM we’ve now added a module for synchronising your MailPoet subscribers into CRM contacts – and even your CRM contacts into MailPoet Subscribers!

For the many users of MailPoet, this means you can centralise your contact data in Jetpack CRM quickly and easily, keeping it up to date. You can also have an overview of the data which includes CRM and MailPoet data on one visual ‘contact card’. WooCommerce users can even see Woo data in place!

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Easy Synchronising of Subscribers

Once you have your MailPoet and Jetpack CRM plugins installed, it’s trivial to sync your Subscribers into contacts. Jetpack CRM will prompt you to enable the module or enable it as a free CRM core module (guide here).

Enabling MailPoet Sync is a simple one-click process and gives you all of the power of the following features:

  • Sync Subscribers from MailPoet -> CRM (automatically).
  • MailPoet Sync Hub Page (with background syncing).
  • Adds external source “MailPoet”.
  • Adds MailPoet subscriber data to the Contact single view.
  • Adds a new Segment condition, “MailPoet Subscriber”.
  • Adds a new Contact List Filter, “MailPoet Subscriber”.
  • Adds new System assistant jobs.

Integrated into Advanced Segments

With MailPoet Sync and Advanced Segments, you can create CRM Contact Segments which use MailPoet attributes. This makes for rich segmentation and lots of helpful workflow possibilities!

MailPoet Advanced Segment Conditions

Bonus: Export your CRM contacts (Segment) into a MailPoet Subscriber list

You can now export any CRM segment directly into MailPoet by clicking the “MailPoet Export” button on the segment list view or the segment edit page.

MailPoet Sync is Free

MailPoet Sync is included in the Jetpack CRM core plugin for free. For many folks, this offers enough features to run their small business. If you’re looking to leverage your CRM data further, please take a look at our paid extension bundles:


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  • billed yearly

Includes 4 of our 30+ CRM extensions:

  • Invoicing Pro
  • Gravity Forms Sync
  • PayPal Connect
  • Stripe Connect
  • Invoicing Pro
  • Gravity Forms
  • PayPal Connect
  • Stripe Connect
  • Single site license
  • 12 months support and updates


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Includes all our 30+ CRM extensions:


  • CRM Funnels
  • Awesome Support
  • Sales Dashboard


  • Gravity Forms Sync
  • Contact Form 7 Sync


  • PayPal Sync
  • Stripe Sync
  • Invoicing Pro


  • Google Contacts Sync
  • API Connector

Email marketing

  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • aWeber
  • Mail campaigns
  • And 2 more

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