Never lose a lead from badly sent emails

Did you know most server-sent email hits your lead’s spam-box, at best! A majority of emails sent out of software like WordPress never reach their target because they’re sent unsigned from default server email addresses.


Setup multiple SMTP outbound channels with the easy-to-use Jetpack CRM Mail Delivery Wizard.


Send email directly from the Jetpack CRM Contact View, or via Automations or Mail Campaigns


Forget about deliverability. If you’re piping emails through SMTP with Jetpack CRM Mail Delivery methods, your mail will get sent.


Manage Unlimited SMTP Accounts

You can add as many outbound email accounts to Jetpack CRM as you need. Each email is quick to add via the Mail Delivery Wizard, you can even verify that it’s sending, or send a test email.

Jetpack CRM Mail Delivery List View - list your SMTP accounts setup in Jetpack

Integrated throughout the CRM.

Set up your outbound email account and forget about it! Send emails out from throughout the CRM without ever having to deal with it again. You can even choose which account to send each email template out from for System Emails (e.g. Welcome to the Client Portal)

Integrated with Mail Campaigns & System Emails

Easily pick and choose which system emails should be sent from which account:

Client Portal Welcome Emails
Direct Contact Emails
Per mail-campaign (from Mail Campaigns v2.0)
Set a Default for All outbound email

Works with High-deliverability email services

If you’re sending a lot of emails each day, you’ll want to make sure they’re all getting through to your contacts. Jetpack CRM works with any provider who is SMTP-compatible, such as:

Amazon SES
Also works with wp_mail!