Jetpack CRM Emails

Emailing your contacts is something you should definitely be doing. So start emailing professionally, from your CRM, and keep up with all communications within your team.


Click send email from your contact page, or type and search for which contact to email. Then draft and send your message in a matter of minutes.


Want the key info about your contact to hand as you write that follow up? No problem. The contact panel is there to help.


Manage the communications to your contacts. See what has been sent and if it has been read by your contact.

A single place, for all team emails

With Jetpack CRM Emails, all your outgoing communications from your team to your contacts are logged. See what was sent and when.

Send Emails Easily

Writing that email is now a piece of cake. From the Emails page simply hit Compose Mail and start writing that email.

Type ahead for Contacts
Choose Mail Delivery Method
Control the Fonts and Style

Once sent, you can see it in your Sent Emails panel. Check in and see if your contact has read the email and follow up if need be.

Delete Email Threads

Deleted unwanted sent items.

Got emails that have gone dry and you don’t want to keep in your database. You can now easily remove them from the system. Free up some database space by pruning those unwanted emails.

Jetpack CRM: Inbox

Capture incoming emails with our Email Inbox. This feature is currently being voted for on our Feature Requests page. It will be an Add-on product to the CRM. Please vote if interested in this feature.

This would be great for: Team inboxes, Contact-attached email management, and more

*email parser potentially coming soon, please register your interest with a support ticket, telling us why you need this!