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Pick-your-own CRM

What if you could pick your own features? Build the CRM you want out of the parts you’ll actually use, and pay only for those features? Jetpack CRM is the first truly modular, DIY, CRM.


It starts with your business. You know it best, and you know what you need


Installed in minutes, easily customised and much loved – Jetpack CRM is the ‘CRM platform’ you’ve been looking for


Cut away what you don’t need, add what you do, easily. Efficacy Incarnate!


Famous DIY CRM

Do you use all of those features you’re paying for? When we started this CRM we realised that if we opted for the high-level CRM platforms out there, we would be forced to pay a huge premium for an overly-complex CRM that barely covered the basics.

It shouldn’t be that way.

… so we made Jetpack CRM, and we made it SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE. Installing/removing a “module” in our CRM is as easy as 1 click by an admin:

One click remove or add CRM areas

Extending the Base CRM

The default base Jetpack CRM serves thousands of users each day, and for a proportion of those, the default CRM (which is fully customisable) is enough.

For those who need more, there are Extensions. Jetpack CRM is developer-ready, but for your ease we’ve developed high-quality solutions for the common CRM challenges.

The Power of the CRM extension

Modular CRM

As you enable/disable different areas of Jetpack CRM, the menus and functionality adapts to you. This means it’s super quick and easy to get a clean and effective system setup so you/your team can get on with the important stuff!

Adaptive Menus
User-role based Access
Totally disable features you don’t need

WordPress through and through

If you know a little about WordPress, you’ll 100% be able to manage all there is about Jetpack CRM. We’ve refined the CRM management process to make this as quick and easy as possible for you to get going managing your customer relationships (which is the whole point!)

1 click install/uninstall for Extensions
Core CRM is a WordPress Plugin
30+ Premium Extensions
8 Free Extensions