See everything in one place.

See how your contact list is growing and your revenue in a snapshot.


You’re a pragmatic entrepreneur, you don’t have time to filter out the noise constantly. Save yourself some life and get Jetpack CRM. The CRM Dashboard natively shows you specifically what matters to your business. No-nonsense.
The dash is customisable, but by default contains: Contact overview, Sales Funnels, and a Revenue Snapshot.


See movement in leads, customers, and transactions. Work on converting more customers from your leads.


Manage your sales funnel. Turn more leads into customers by reaching out to them when it matters.


See your recent sales performance. Know how many sales you’ve made through your CRM activity.

Power Up Reporting with Sales Dashboard

Want powerful metrics from your CRM? Sales Dashboard gives you extra analytics which are invaluable to online business success.

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A good CRM generates more sales

Are you getting leads each day? That’s a great start. But are you following up?
You could be missing out on sales.
Jetpack CRM helps you to keep those relationships managed, increasing your revenues.

See your latest contacts, at a glance.

Log onto your CRM daily and see new leads.
Contact them and work them towards becoming a customer.

Contact Overview
Easy Access to Contact Record
Recent CRM Contact List

Your CRM Sales Funnel

Master Your Sales Funnel

Start from the top with your Leads and convert them to customers by following an organised sales funnel.

Setup your funnel to fit your business, for example:

Given Demo
Customer 😃

Are your efforts working? Track Progress.

Manage business progress through your CRM dashboard.
Are you creating more revenue? Are you experiencing a low point?

Understand trends and use Jetpack CRM to help you to detect these and react accordingly

Use your customer intel to increase the effectiveness of your operations.

Monthly Revenue Data
Conversion Analytics
Revenue Chart in CRM Dashboard