Log every touch point.

A CRM is here to help you improve your customer relationships. The backbone of this is knowing your customers. Every interaction you have with them could be pivotal. Jetpack CRM helps you Log everything, without wasting time.

Auto Logging

Jetpack CRM starts logging key events from the second you add a new contact.

Track all interactions

This is key: to be able able to record insights just after you communicate with leads

Sell with Insights

Convert more leads by easily patterning their activity via their contact logs

A Complete Note Taking System

Contacts may start out as leads, but how did they find you? They may call in, but when was that? You might have sent them that festive discount email, but do you remember when?

Using Activity Logs, you can keep track of every single interaction with your contacts.

New Feature (v5.4+): Pinned Content-rich Logs

You can now Pin notes to contacts and even add links into your contact logs! This is super useful if there’s a specific action or fact that needs to be obvious on a contact record, e.g. “Avoid talking about topic ___” or “Ask Steve before contacting”.

Sell even more with our CRM extensions.


All the essential tools to drive your business forward.


  • per month
  • billed yearly

Includes 4 of our 30+ CRM extensions:

  • Invoicing Pro
  • Gravity Forms Sync
  • PayPal Connect
  • Stripe Connect
  • Invoicing Pro
  • Gravity Forms
  • PayPal Connect
  • Stripe Connect
  • Single site license
  • 12 months support and updates


Create fully-customized bespoke versions of Jetpack CRM to resell.


  • per site
  • per month
  • billed yearly

Includes all our 30+ CRM extensions:


  • CRM Funnels
  • Awesome Support
  • Sales Dashboard


  • Gravity Forms Sync
  • Contact Form 7 Sync


  • PayPal Sync
  • Stripe Sync
  • Invoicing Pro


  • Google Contacts Sync
  • API Connector

Email marketing

  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • aWeber
  • Mail campaigns
  • And 2 more

See all 30+ extensions

  • All 30+ CRM extensions
  • 10 site license
  • Rebrand CRM
  • 12 months support and updates
  • Priority support