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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #9 – Jan 2018

It’s time for another monthly product update. we’ve been hard at work again behind the scenes on our brand new user interface for Jetpack CRM, as well as on our CRM Mail Campaigns extension, and the new Database setup.

This Product update covers the mini updates we’ve added in the interim (the February update post will be a big announcement of the new UI). If you want to secure the value, we suggest getting on board with a bundle now, as with these major updates coming very soon we’ll likely raise prices!

Core Updates

We’ve been fixing minor issues and bugs throughout the month, including improving the API side of the CRM to cover additional endpoints:

  • Added additional variables to the customers endpoint (and switched from a GET to a POST method) – this allows you to view customers and control how many results are displayed per page.
  • We’ve added similar variables to the other endpoints (companies and events)
  • Finally, we’ve added the ability to assign an owner via the API and filter responses by the contact owner

Extension Updates

We’ve fixed up a couple of extensions this month, and cover these below

Woo Sync

This now has the ability to choose whether or not you tag contacts with the item name of the products they’ve purchased. This is useful if you want to send specific marketing emails to purchasers of specific products.

We’ve also added order status mapping, so rather than have all orders added as “customers” you can now choose based on their status.

We’ve also improved the on-boarding wizard to make it clearer about this new setting.

Stripe Sync

We’ve also fixed a bug which was causing the hourly update to fail if it wasn’t run by admin. Now future updates of your data from Stripe should be seamless as the cron now checks charges hourly regardless of user level.

“Funnels” – New Extension in Beta

We have a brand new extension available for our Entrepreneur and above bundle customers, a more detailed post will be covering this extension in the coming weeks but we’ve finished a beta version of our Jetpack CRM: Funnels extension

This extension lets you

  • See how effective your marketing is on a monthly basis (see number of leads in and customers converting)
  • Choose your date, see the same information for different periods to compare
  • See conversion data for your CRM, how long are people taking to purchase

This is a great extension if you have defined your CRM contact statuses and want to see what value is “in your funnel”. It’s an extension to the summary funnel which is on your CRM dashboard.

The extension is available to bundle customers (Entrpreneur + Reseller) if you haven’t purchased a bundle, you can purchase here.

If you’ve already got the bundle and want a copy of the extension, submit a ticket and we’ll arrange this for you 🙂

That’s it for the update this month, as mentioned at the start of the post, we have some big user interface improvements coming really soon, so keep an eye out for the announcement posts.