Jetpack CRM: Product Update #7 – Nov 2017

It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were writing the October product update. November has passed us by quickly but fail not we’ve been adding (probably) even more features than ever before.

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Jetpack CRM Core

The amount of updates we’ve made to the CRM Core in November is almost criminal. No one should be adding as much as we are doing as our army of two. As usual the main new feature additions will be covered with special sections here, while also picking up some other additions and improvements as bullet lists (don’t forget to read on to our extension updates though)

Version 2.18

In this update, we added the option to choose who invoices are addressed to when in B2B mode (i.e. address to the Company or to the Contact). We’ve also added currency localisation (this will show the correct number formatting for currencies such as EUROs).

We’ve built more on the ownership / assignment model and also allowed the API to tag contacts (useful if using our API and you want to determine where contacts are coming from).

Extension update: We also did an update to Gravity Forms which lets you add Jetpack CRM API settings and host your Gravity Forms externally to where your CRM is installed. This is useful if you want to aggregate leads in from various websites into a single CRM install.

Version 2.2

A jump up to Version 2.2 here due to the major addition of adding bulk actions to our list view and the addition of Merging contacts

This is great news if you have the situation where you find you have 2 contacts who are the same person, but perhaps have used a different email for purchasing. With Jetpack CRM you can now merge these together and have a single contact in your list (assigning the “main” record as you make the operation).

We’ve also added the ability to bulk add or bulk remove tags from contacts. I’ve you’ve ever tried to bulk remove tags in WordPress before, you’ll have been annoyed that you can only bulk add. Version 2.2 of the CRM allows you to bulk remove your customer tags.

This all serves to make Jetpack CRM easier to use and managing your contact list easier.

We’ve also add a fair bit of UI improvementfor example, when adding a contact to an invoice it will auto-populate the email to field (saving you a little bit of time here and there).

Version 2.2 to 2.24

These updates fixed various bugs but also brought the ability to revoke client portal access or make client portal access status dependant, as well as give the option of assigning extra roles to your generated users.  This is useful if you are running other plugins which need specific roles assigned (such as the Awesome Support extension (the Awesome Support plugin assigns “User Support” Roles) and you can choose that any generated users have this role too.

Jetpack CRM now allows you to store your contacts social links (if you have them). This allows you to quickly find them on twitter or Facebook if you want to mention them or contact them through socials.

Extension Updates

We’ve done a couple of big updates to two of our extensions and we’ll cover them here – read on to find out what we’ve added.

Invoicing Pro

Invoicing Pro is one of our most popular extensions. You can use it to accept payments online with PayPal or Stripe and we’ve just added a much sought after feature. Introducing the Invoice Itemiser

The invoice itemiser lets you maintain a list of Items for your Invoices. This lets you quickly add new line items to your invoices from the list you’ve created.

Click, and your invoice is populated and ready to go. A huge time saver and there’s more. We’ve even made it compatible with WooCommerce Products (you need Woo Sync for this)…

Woo Sync

Jetpack CRM and WooCommerce is a match made in heaven.  When looking for a CRM for your WooCommerce store Jetpack CRM uses your WooCommerce data in a super nice way. However, since day 1 of this extension it’s always required you to enter your WooCommerce API keys (and API endpoint). This is because we thought most would be running Jetpack CRM on a domain different to their WooCommerce store.

You can still use Jetpack CRM and WooCommerce on the same install using the API keys, but you don’t need the API keys if it’s the same install, so we’ve done away with that. We’ve made it super easy to setup by including a Welcome Wizard to the extension too

This welcome wizard covers the setup and some additional options. We’ve added some extra awesome-ness to this extension too.


When running Jetpack CRM and WooCommerce on the same install WooSync now captures the new customer and new transaction information instantly.  This means no delay while waiting for the scheduled check of the WooCommerce API.


We’ve also added the ability to have your WooCommerce Products available when creating invoices (needs Invoicing Pro). Simply choose this option and your WooCommerce Products will be available in the invoice “Add Item” list.

New Extensions

We’ve been saying this for a couple of months now, Automations and Mail Campaigns v2.0 are our next BIG releases. We’re doing this properly and aiming for a late February launch here. BUT that doesn’t mean they’re not progressing (and automations we are having users test in a private beta already).

  • Automations – we have a Private Beta available to our Entrepreneur’s bundle customers for testing. If you want to help us with the Private Beta testing phase, get in touch.
  • Mail Campaigns v2.0 – this is still in our Alpha (de
    velopment) stage but it’s coming along nicely. It’s strictly an extension update (to Mail Campaigns) but there’s so much going into this it’s being classed as a whole new breed.

Both will be officially launched in February time (including all the documentation, sales pages and how to guides). Why February?  We’ve got some big updates to the Core on the way in late December / early January which will pave the way for better extensions all around.

While we’ve been developing our big extensions (and they’re going to add huge value to the CRM) we’ve also added some other extensions (to help support the big hitters)

Twilio Extension

When using this extension you can send SMS to your contacts from your Twilio account (requires v2.2.1+ of the Core) and the extension.  This works with Automations (we have a ‘send SMS’ automation action) as well as adding the ability to “quick SMS” a contact from their contact details page. This is available to Beta test to all our Entrepreneur bundle customers.

When you send an SMS using the quick link (or even when using our automation extension) it will be delivered to your contact 🙂


That’s all for our product update in November, we’d love it if you can share and get the word out about Jetpack CRM. If you like what we’re doing, please do leave a comment and let us know.