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Jetpack CRM Product Update #30 – Sept 2020

This Product Update covers what’s new in the CRM up to and including the 30th September 2020. Find out what we’ve been working on this month.

Wow, time really has been flying since our last update in May. Here’s what’s new.

Jetpack CRM core

Since May, the biggest change is rebranding the plugin to become Jetpack CRM. This went live on July 20th and since then we’ve been back into the hot seat working through all the fixes and improvements that you’ve been waiting for – here’s what we’ve added since May (read on for all the detail).

Even though it might not seem it on the face of things, we’ve fixed a significant number of annoying bugs.

Jetpack CRM Changelog:

This is the full change log since May, grouped into what’s new, what’s been improved and what we’ve made 4 additions, 21 improvements and fixed up 30 annoying little 🐛s.

🎁 What’s new 🎁

  1. Mail activity log type
  2. Ability to hide prefix field
  3. Jetpack Form data now added to your CRM
  4. Gender-neutral contact prefix

😊 What we’ve improved 😊

  1. Settings navigation styling
  2. More robust paid extension handling
  3. Tweaked list view columns
  4. Dashboard Revenue Chart now shows 12 months
  5. Made some links open in parent tab rather than new tab
  6. Store the name from a Jetpack contact form submission
  7. The Jetpack Forms extension will now be enabled by default
  8. French translation tweaks
  9. Client Portal CSS
  10. Special character handling in task titles
  11. Custom field placeholder prompts
  12. Contact status styling tweaks. on dashboard
  13. Tweaked appearance of quotes and invoices on contact profiles
  14. Address translations and tweaks
  15. Role display on team page
  16. Invoice display tweaks
  17. Removed Select2 dependency
  18. Brought more strings properly into internationalisation functions.
  19. Ahead of a potential XSS vulnerability, and for simplicity, we’ve removed Select2 js from the CRM
  20. Added better catching to the custom field DAL check for multiple lines
  21. Security surrounding storage of SMTP credentials

🐛 What we’ve fixed 🐛

  1. Dashboard Revenue Chart was missing some transactions
  2. Customer pre-fill now pre-fills properly.
  3. Date paid and date completed now always filled
  4. Bulk selection not working in WP5.5+
  5. WP5.5+ jQuery function support
  6. Some learn buttons were appearing behind some other elements
  7. Custom dates like Birthday were not allowing pre 1970 date entries
  8. Logo hover icon for fullscreen made visible
  9. Author update to be Automattic
  10. Task status labels now format the colour of the label
  11. AJAX.php file was being detected as a virus by some AV scanners
  12. Removed unnecessary notification after plugin installation
  13. The Jetpack Forms extension name
  14. Edit profile avatar sometimes not aligning correcetly
  15. Transaction creation prefill now works
  16. View button on transaction (after assigning a contact) now takes you to view, not edit
  17. Clicking a sent email was not loading email correctly
  18. API docs link was incorrect
  19. Form widget now works as expected
  20. Restored user filter for tasks
  21. Custom field doesn’t show up the dates previous to 1970
  22. Date Paid field is now in correct format in transactions list view.
  23. Fix for a migration bug where date custom fields were not yet translated to v3 data types
  24. A problem that meant no message was shown when a contact is added with a duplicate email address
  25. Bug preventing forms from loading
  26. Company details now show on invoices
  27. multi-select custom fields in invoices now work
  28. An issue with the display of IDs for invoices and quotes
  29. An issue that made contacts having default status of ‘Customer’, ignoring the setting
  30. Migration bug for very few users when using advanced segments and woosync

Jetpack CRM extensions

The main CRM extension to talk about has been our WooCommerce integration which we’ve improved the CRM contact card which is shown against any WooCommerce order (which jumps you directly to the CRM record)

That’s all for this update. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube (we’ll be uploading our product update videos to YouTube in the future too).

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