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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #28 – April 2020

Steady and consistent bug fixing and improvements has been at the core of Jetpack CRM since the start of our journey. We continue this and in April fixing 10 bugs, improving 5 areas and adding custom fields to the single Company view.

It’s been a challenging month, maintaining velocity in the face of all of the change, but we’re doing our best here, and we hope you are able to keep your businesses afloat too.

April 2020 Jetpack CRM Summary:

  • Fixed 10 bugs which had lingered. (Migrations for new installs, Statement PDFs, Segment audience counts & previews)
  • Better support for international characters in Segments and Transaction statuses
  • Performance improvements around ‘autoload’ settings
  • Improved labels and removed outdated comments/code
  • Added: Company single view now shows custom fields