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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #27 – March 2020

As we settle into this unusual year we hunker down with our goal of consistent updates. In March Jetpack CRM has seen 22 fixes, 15 improvements and 10 additions, as well as decent progress with the Mail Campaigns v2 public release.

Rather than adding any big features this month, the focus has been on refinement & working through the remaining (smaller) v3.0 bugs, alongside work on Mail Campaigns v2.0.

March Jetpack CRM Summary:

  • Better international character support
  • Company single view now shows custom fields
  • “Search including custom fields” now applies across all objects which have custom fields
  • Better PHP 7.3.* support
  • Rolled PDF generation linkage into the Core CRM to provide more. universal support of PDF generation by default
  • System Status page additions (dompdf version & InnoDB support)
  • Added better support for MySQL forks like MariaDB
  • Improved internationalisation (State <> County)