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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #25 – Jan 2020

Wow, our last Product Update was in April 2019. The hiatus has been linked to a couple of things

  1. We were acquired by Automattic – so things fell a little quiet since then and
  2. We were building v3.0 of Jetpack CRM which primarily was a lot of behind the scenes improvements

With both of these out of the way – we are happy to get back to our regular product updates as we add new features and keep stepping on those pesky bugs.

This update covers what happened CRM wise in January 2020.

Jetpack CRM Core

Since the launch of version 3.0 in December, we’ve spent the majority of the last month refining and tweaking areas of the CRM so they continue to run smoothly in version 3.0. Some highlights

  • Client Portal Child Pages now show up correctly in theme templates
  • Client Portal Child Pages now respect user login
  • PDF invoicing increase font support for Chinese and Russian character sets

While nothing shiny and new we’ve managed to work through over 50 refinements and consistency within the CRM.

Jetpack CRM Extensions

We’ve also been planning our next stage of work on extensions, with focus on the move from Beta to Live for Mail Campaigns as well as an overhaul to the API for easier future integrations.

It’s good to get these updates back on track and we expect future updates will hold a lot of exciting additions as we continue to develop and support Jetpack CRM.