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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #24 – April 2019

Welcome to the Jetpack CRM Product Update for April 2019. This is the 24th monthly update. That’s right, we’ve hit the 2 year mark where we’ve been regularly providing you with updates about the CRM development.

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Zero BS Core

We’re now finalising our release candidates for version 3.0 of Jetpack CRM. We’ve made big strides over April and have done a lot of pre-launch preparations in the extensions. This means, you may have even started noticing some additions to extensions already, which have been the result of the preparations and refinement across the board of extensions.

In the core updates in April, we’ve now reached version 2.99.2 which gets us ever closer to v3.0 of Jetpack CRM.

Zero BS Data Tools

We’ve added the ability for Site Administrators to reset the CRM and remove the data from the tables. This is useful if you’ve been testing the CRM and want to start fresh.

Core Fixes

We’ve also fixed a lot of issues this month related to refinements and code refactoring. We’ve fixed some bugs in segments, as well as made them find contacts when the criteria included special characters (such as accents).

We’ve also fixed a display issue where if a user pasted in an activity log containing the character “<” it would cause issues in display and operation.

Finally, we fixed some issues with Task Notification emails, meaning that emails were not going out reliably, and did not include enough information about the upcoming task.


We’ve made some big feature improvements to the extensions over April, with a particular focus on WooSync, which is our popular integration with WooCommerce.

Woo Sync

When running WooCommerce, your customers have an “Account” area, and with Jetpack CRM they also have the Client Portal.

We’ve now made it optional

Invoices in WooCommerce

We’ve also refined the Invoice flow when orders are created in WooCommerce which result in an “Unpaid” invoice status. Previously Jetpack CRM would think these invoices should be paid via Jetpack, however since they’re WooCommerce orders, they should be checked out via the Store.

We’ve made it so that if an invoice is created from a WooCommerce order, but still needs to be paid, then it’ll show a “Pay Now” button on the invoice, taking you to the WooCommerce order page to pay.

WooCommerce Deposits

We’ve also added support for WooCommerce Deposits, which lets you create orders set up with deposit structures and these will be added into Jetpack CRM with the respective value and order status.


Not forgetting our backers 

A special thanks to our current backers below, if you want to help fund Jetpack CRM through a sponsorship, you can do so here.

  • Epic Plugins
  • Ace Media
  • Stormgate
  • Pressertech
  • Web Monkey Limited

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Our database model is continuing to be refined ahead of v3.0. We’ll also be planning our next stage of Jetpack CRM (i.e. what comes “shortly after” v3.0), including

  • UI / UX structuring to support the new data models (menu, metaboxes, cross CRM wide consistency)
  • Recurring Invoices – how to handle these in Jetpack CRM.
  • Translation support for all extensions ongoing via https://translate.zerobscrm.com

That’s all for this months update, some big strides towards v3.0 this month, if you’re not yet part of our merry band, here’s the link to the extension bundles.