Jetpack CRM: Product Update #21 – January 2019

Wow. It’s time again for another Product Update covering what we’ve been working on in January.  This covers what we’ve Added, Improved or Fixed in the Core, as well as extensions.  As always, it doesn’t seem long since the last update, but as always we’ve been consistently developing and improving the CRM week in, week out.

First up, Version 3.0, is on the horizon, we’re running out discounted prices until launch day. While it may seem v3.0 has been on the way for months now, in reality we’ve been incrementally releasing the smaller changes as soon as they’re ready. v3.0 still will mark the official release of Mail Campaigns v2.0 (which has now ended Beta testing) and the wide-reaching database changes to allow for streamlined development in the future.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to upgrade to one of our bundles and lock into the current pricing (no increases to v3.0 prices if you have a bundle before then, and no increases at renewal time)

Jetpack CRM Core

We have added a new chart to the Dashboard which shows you your CRM contact list growth over time (how many new contacts are added each month). This is great if you want to see whether your efforts are working in getting more leads and contacts into your system.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields have been in the CRM from the early beginnings. However they have not been the easiest for first time users to know they exist (or view the data from the contact view page), we’ve enhanced that view to make it easier to find


We also fixed a number of “in the wild” issues with the licensing system which we put live last month (read about it here).

Other fixes and improvements

We also fixed and improved a number of smaller areas in the CRM, usability refinements and little bugs which have crept in on the back of earlier enhancements.

Zero BS Extensions

We’ve released a new extension in January. Our Registration Magic extension lets you capture additional fields on sign up from your users and have those users go into your CRM 🙂 simplez.

Read more about it here.

We’ve also made some refinements to our extensions, we’ve modified the WooSync and Stripe Sync to be more efficient and also remember where the import was up to (in case of any unexpected import issues)


Not forgetting our backers 🙂

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You may be wondering what we’re working on now, well a sneak peek is below

  • Mail Campaigns v2.0 Beta now closed
  • Database migration for all “objects” (transactions, companies, invoices, quotes, tasks) *almost complete*
  • Invoicing Improvements (to allow for tax tables, and cleaner data storage (above).
  • Further User Interface improvements, to make sure the CRM stays easy to use
  • Translation support for all extensions ongoing via