Jetpack CRM: Product Update #20 – December 2018

We are back once again covering our December product additions. We write these update posts at the start of the month, covering what we’ve added to the CRM and its extensions over the month of December.

We inch forever closer to our v3.0 of Jetpack CRM at which point prices are going up, if you’ve not joined our growing Entrepreneur army, you can do so by purchasing a bundle here. Onto the update

Zero BS Core

We have been developing consistently for the Core CRM since we launched in 2016. We’ve been adding features and fixing bugs are they have been reported.

The big update this month has been the launch of Licensing this allows you to have automatic updates for all your extensions from your WordPress dashboard.

The licensing allows you to keep all your extensions up to date easily.  We’ve also done some tweaks around the first page you’ll see (the welcome page) and tested throughout with WordPress 5.0+.

Zero BS Extensions

We’ve also added a couple of new extensions in December, Livestorm connect and ExitBee connect.

These two extensions allow you to get more leads into your CRM and see their source. We wrote about them on our blog and how you can use them alongside Jetpack CRM to really power up your business

Both extensions are designed for you to get the most out of your CRM.


Not forgetting our backers 🙂

A special thanks to our current backers below, if you want to help fund Jetpack CRM through a sponsorship, you can do so here.

  • Epic Plugins
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What is next?

You may be wondering what we’re working on now, well a sneak peek is below

  • Mail Campaigns v2.0 refinement based on Beta feedback
  • Database migration for all “objects” (transactions, companies)
  • User Interface improvements, to make sure the CRM stays easy to use
  • Translation support for all extensions via
  • Our Road to v3.0 which gives a timeline for when we will be launching v3.0 (and upping prices)