Jetpack CRM: Product Update #11 – Mar 2018

March has been another busy month for Jetpack CRM, we continue to keep improving the CRM and March has been no different.

PDF Invoice

Our PDF invoice included in the free plugin was basic at best, so we’ve included one of our Pro templates for free. This improves how your invoices will look when downloaded as a PDF and sent to your clients.


We’ve noticed that WordPress have changed up the way that translations can be provided for the plugin, so we’ve now added full support for this method. If you would like to help translate Jetpack CRM we’d be more than happy to have you help us.


We’ve also added the ability to download a quote as a PDF document, this is useful if you want to keep your quotes in a different format (for those who still like to email a PDF version as well as the Client Portal version).

File “Slots” Capability

We’ve also added in the ability to define extra areas to upload files to the contact’s record. This is the first step to us improving the customer view page when it comes to the “Files” support. We’ve also finished initial development on improving how the Client Portal Files looks. Here’s a sneak peek (which might change before finalising the roll out)

Database Migration

By the time you read this, Jetpack CRM will have migrated your contacts over to the new structure, expected to happen around mid April. A lot of our time in March has been spent making sure this migration routine doesn’t break your install and making sure our extensions remain compatible with the migrated database, but more on that in April’s product update.


Change Log for March

= 2.62 30/03/18 =
* Added: Proper support for translate . wordpress .org
* Added: Link/Tab to customer page via filter
* Fixed: Bug where additional file boxes would not save always
* Fixed: Revenue on dashboard goes weird at end of the month
* Improved: Reworded 'Other files' to 'Contact Files'
* Improved: Page check function now catches posted data
* Improved: Forced inclusion of columns for 'edit invoice' and 'edit quote' where these were somehow lost in translation

= 2.61 23/03/18 =
* Added: File 'slots' (custom contact file boxes)
* Added: Customizable Dash
* Added: German Human Translation
* Added: Filter to the PDF invoice title so it can be modified
* Added: Turkish Lira in currency list
* Added: Quote to PDF download
* Fixed: Timezone incorrect on dash
* Fixed: Funky funnel & backwards labels
* Fixed: PayPal Sync compatibility errors (php notices)
* Fixed: Client Portal now works with Plain permalinks (i.e. ?p=)
* Fixed: Invoice PHP notice
* Fixed: Default columns not working for invoices & quotes
* Improved: Removed hard-typed slugs
* Improved: Initial Invoices
* Improved: Nonces to export functions
* Improved: Client portal welcome emails - no linebreaks
* Improved: Transactions now support prefill

= 2.54 14/03/18 =
* Fixed: Bug where multi-tabs were closing each other in contact single view
* Fixed: PHP notice where no social details on contact single view
* Fixed: Basic CSV Export now works even with unset fields
* Fixed: Typo in column editor
* Fixed: Bug where removing contacts column from company list view removed the option to re-add it
* Fixed: Contacts column not working for company list view
* Added: Basic CSV Export now exports contact ID
* Added: Advanced CSV Export now exports Contact ID, Company ID
* Improved: Invoice PDF files are now stored with correct invoice ID (not post ID)
* Improved: Removed iframe embedded feedback form (flagged some peoples security plugins up) - replaced with image

= 2.53.1 09/03/18 =
* Improved: List views all now have correct edit button options for columns
* Improved: Consistency fix for "Calendar" => "Task Scheduler"
* Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Addresses to Contact Vitals)
* Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Telephone numbers, including Click2Call support)
* Improved: Contact Singular view (Added Social accounts)
* Improved: Contact list (etc.) now properly display appropriate avatars (or gravitars)
* Improved: Migrated “One or more of your Jetpack CRM extension need updating.” into notifications system + rejuvinated connect page
* Fixed: Bug in Transaction Total calculation
* Fixed: Bug in listview JS (Fix for Mary)
* Fixed: Bug in currency display on Contact Vitals
* Fixed: Invoicing now pre-fills with contact details appropriately
* Fixed: Contacts saying 'works for...address'