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Jetpack CRM: Product Update #10 – Feb 2018 (Build up to v3.0)

We have been so busy developing that we’ve barely taken a moment to lift our heads from dev, support, and working with Community members to make our little WordPress CRM absolutely dominating.

Here it is though, the ‘prequel’ to what will be a gigantic update hitting in March.

What is Jetpack CRM working toward?

Since we started ZeroBS as a side-project, we’ve always wanted to keep true to the initial intention. No-nonsense, serious software for those entrepreneurs who want to just cut-the-crap and get working. We’re happy to say a year or so later and we’re still delivering on this, and what’s about to come next is the truest version yet.

We’ve been on the tools. Three months so far, developing some of what’ll make up v3.0 of Jetpack CRM. This is a big investment, as both founders have been coding above doing marketing! We wanted to make sure the CRM really is stable, performant, no-nonsense, and brutally effective. We’re getting there.

So, in prelude to the big 3.0 release late next month, we’re releasing a few early fixes, improvements, and CRM extension enhancements:

Overview of February’s CRM Improvements:

  • UI Improvements
    • New Contact Singular View
    • New Top Menu
    • New Sub Menus
    • “Learn” Buttons – explain each and every page in the CRM, with guides and videos!
    • CRM Welcome Tour (Admins)
    • Superior Settings Page
    • CRM Team Member management
    • Fancy full-screen mode
  • New Column added to Contacts List view: “Last Contacted”
  • New Quick-filter added to Contacts: “Not contacted in X days”
  • Client Portal refinements
  • Language leaks resolved & translations added for French, Slovenian, Turkish, Norwegian
  • Multisite support
  • Team & User Notifications
  • New List views and other improvements for Transactions, Quotes, Invoices, Companies, Forms
    • Many new quick-filters here (Accepted, Unaccepted, Draft, Unpaid, Paid, Overdue)
    • Bulk-actions for all objects (Add Tag, Remove Tag, Delete Company, Accept/Unaccept, Delete Quote,Change Status (Draft, Unpaid, Paid, Overdue), Delete Invoice, Delete)
    • Custom Trash for Quote Templates
    • Note types to company: Call/Email
  • New method for storing External Source data, and a migration routine to move over old data
  • Improvements to Ownership model
  • Friendly migration routines for everyone on previous versions
  • Updated all supporting libraries
  • Sticky Statuses (in API create.customer)
  • Date formats, locale improvements throughout
  • 47 other Fixes/stability improvements!

As you can see, it’s been no small feat to get this all in for our existing customers, but we’re keen to round-out the CRM ahead of v3.0’s imminent release.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, grab one of our CRM bundle’s now, and save yourself some money!

Here’s some nice CRM screenshots of some of this months additions:

New Contact Singular View:


CRM Welcome Tour:


CRM Notifications System:


New Menus & Fullscreen mode!:


Superior Settings page:


New Column: Last Contacted


… but watch this space:

We’re going to release a few new & improved extensions, and the completely rejuvenated v3.0 Jetpack CRM in March, so if you’re not already in the community, grab a bundle (at discount price), lock in your savings, and get into our Entrepreneurs Slack Community.

The full Feb 2018 Changelog:

(This was a big month! But wait until v3.0 in March!)

= 2.52 25/02/18 =
* Fixed: Invoice Status Box recovered
* Fixed: Deprecated user info replaced
* Fixed: Client Portal “Your Details” now updates data
* Fixed: Fix to saving contact if owned but unable to change ownership
* Fixed: $$ double currency showing up on those servers with PHPIntl installed
* Fixed: Localisation bug where language labels where breaking list views
* Added: Log out tab on the Client Portal Navigation
* Added: Forgot Password Link on Client Portal Login Page
* Improved: Language leak moved into _e

= 2.51.2 20/02/18 =
* Fixed: Reseller Integration fixes
* Improved: Language Integrations: de_DE, en_AU, es_ES, fa_IR, fr_CA, fr_FR, it_IT, nb_NO, nl_NL, nn_NO, pt_BR, ro_RO

= 2.51.1 17/02/18 =
* Fixed: Multi-site bug on permissions check for client portal

= 2.51 16/02/18 =
* Added: Support for wp filters in contact, quote, invoices, transactions menus
* Added: Support for extension header bars
* Added: Support for extension sub top menu bars
* Fixed: Bug in client portal redirection

= 2.50.3 15/02/18 =
* Fix: Removed debug output

= 2.50.2 15/02/18 =
* Fix: Fix for list view warnings
* Fix: For admin_init/init ordering

= 2.50.1 15/02/18 =
* Hotfix: Legacy support for extensions pre v2.0

= 2.50 13/02/18 =
* Added: New List views for Transactions
* Added: zeroBS_getAllContactsForOwner to get the contact list for owner
* Added: Transaction status to transaction edit page
* Added: Transaction status to transaction add new page
* Added: Learn button to the contacts list page
* Added: Learn modal for contact list to explain and point to adding field + why totals differ
* Added: Transaction settings page (to control which transaction statuses are included in total)
* Added: New Transaction now added to Activity Log of the contact
* Added: Jetpack CRM External Sources detail added (for further “source” tagging)
* Added: Your Jetpack CRM Team page to show you your CRM members at a glance
* Added: System notifications and Nptifications UI
* Added: Learn buttons throughout new UI
* Added: Jetpack CRM Welcome Tour
* Added: Forms new list view UI
* Added: Quotes new list view UI
* Added: Company List view now has automatic status quick filters
* Added: Generic support for new list view to automagically render fields like edit links, ID, etc.
* Added: Accepted / Not Accepted quick filters to Quote list view
* Added: Bulk actions to Companies list: Add Tag, Remove Tag, Delete Company
* Added: Bulk actions to Quote list: Accept/Unaccept, Delete Quote
* Added: Bulk actions to Invoice list: Change Status (Draft, Unpaid, Paid, Overdue), Delete Invoice
* Added: Quickfilters for Quotes: Accepted, Unaccepted
* Added: Quickfilters for Invoices: Draft, Unpaid, Paid, Overdue
* Added: Bulk actions to Forms List: Delete
* Filter: Jetpack_settings_tabs filter (to add new tabs to settings page)
* Filter: Jetpack_approved_external_sources (to allow extensions to register an approved source)
* Added: Migration routine for 2.40
* Added: Custom Trash for Quote Templates
* Added: New method for storing External Source data, and a migration routine to move over old data
* Added: Centralised method for accessing contact “Actions”
* Added: Contact Actions drop-down list for single contact view
* Updated: Semantic UI JS to 2.2.14
* Added: Functions for ‘section’ detection (e.g. is contact area)
* Added: Contact Column: “Last Contacted” (checks against ‘Call’ and ‘Email’ type logs)
* Updated: PDFDom to 0.8.2 + wrote migration to update everyone
* Added: “Not Contacted in X Days” Quickfilter (for contacts & companies)
* Added: Note types to company: Call/Email
* Added: Administrator tools to System Status page (+ Rebuild User Roles action button)
* Added: Sticky Statuses (in API create.customer)

* Improved: Extended search parameters for Contacts (searching all meta)
* Improved: Contacts list now uses date formatting
* Improved: Zero BS Class added to tidy up load order (performance improvement)
* Improved: Funnel refinements to list icon order (R to L) instead of (L to R)
* Improved: Added class for deny network activation (v3.0 prep)
* Improved: Add or Update Customer now checks whether an earlier event should bring forward when the contact was created
* Improved: Removed dependency on bootstrap for ZeroBSCRM.CustomerSearch.php
* Improved: Centralised new list view (Classified)

* Improved UI: Additional helper UI buttons and improved list view header bar
* Improved UI: “Show All” UI for customer tags when lots of tags are added
* Improved UI: Long tag names now truncated with ..
* Improved UI: New “View Contact” UI page added for overview
* Improved UI: Tidied Dashboard Recent Activity
* Improved: Migration messages and other labels properly into translate-able
* Improved UI: List views all now have clear filters, clear filter descriptive sentences
* Improved UI: Column editor button now shows “open” state
* Improved: Integrated Semantic UI into our global styles
* Improved: Made labels out of plain text labels in Task Scheduler -> Options
* Improved: Removed legacy code from custom views & custom view settings
* Improved: Modified settings pages to be easier to use
* Improved: Restricted welcome tour to admins only
* Improved: New column more reliable: Last Contacted
* Improved: Moved auto-download extensions store onto AWS CDN (improves speed + reliability)
* Improved: UI message clarity on list view error find
* Improved: Hid WP Top bar for front-end client portal users
* Improved: Post/Page WYSIWYG Form inserter catches no-forms situation elegantly
* Improved: Hid usual WP menu <

* Fixed: Client Portal was not showing clients quotes or invoices
* Fixed: Client Portal Page titles now uses document_title_parts not wp_tile
* Fixed: Transactions “Assigned to” was showing blank when only customerID was set
* Fixed: Total Transactions was showing up blank on customer list view
* Fixed: CSS improved for contact list view where long emails split the line
* Fixed: Status Change check was checking for incorrect meta value
* Fixed: Added ‘admin_zerobs_usr’ capability to Administrator role
* Fixed: Contact Avatars breaking size
* Fixed: Visual bug in name/avatar ellipsis overflow
* Fixed: Bug in list view where view footer was inflated despite no bulk actions
* Fixed: Bug in Form embed
* Fixed: Bug in new transaction editor, and added back in default statuses for those who didn’t get automatically set
* Fixed: Bug in permissions letting strict users see post categories
* Fixed: Bug in activation
* Fixed: Bug where Jetpack admin couldn’t see a few bits: Forms, Quote templates
* Fixed: Bug where Jetpack quote manager could not create new quote templates (and improved all roles to properly use create_posts)
* Fixed: Bug in load order affecting customer portal
* Fixed: PHP Notices on Invoice Single on customer portal
* Fixed: Bug in transaction settings
* Fixed: Bug in quote & inv list views which meant ID was not in-line with Jetpackid
* Fixed: Bug in header menus causing edit/add to be duped
* Fixed: Forced Autocomplete (Google Chrome) to disable for all applicable fields (was interferring with new ver. chrome)
* Fixed: Bug in export contacts when status empty
* Fixed: Bug in dash when contacts meta empty
* Fixed: Bug which was causing WYSIWYG buttons to disappear for quote template editor and page/post editor
* Fixed: Bug where assigning customers wasn’t working on Transactions
* Fixed: Access issue where Zero BS Customer role could see WP Admin (now redirects to client portal or home if not using portal)
* Fixed: Form shortcode output fix
* Fixed: Proposal accepted email gen fix

* Languages: Added French (fr_FR) Translation (human translated)
* Languages: Added Slovenia (sl_SL) pre-translation (machine translated)
* Languages: Added Turksih (tr_TR) pre-translation (machine translated)
* Languages: Added Norwegian (nn_NO) pre-translation (machine translated)
* Languages: Added Norwegian (nb_NO) pre-translation (machine translated)