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Version 4.0.13 25/02/21

Fixed: Added date column in the contact list is using UTC time.

Fixed: Add a link to the contact ID column in the contact list.

Fixed: WooCommerce JPCRM conflict importing CSV file with products.

Fixed: Fix an overflow in custom fields that use a textarea as type.

Fixed: A collision between the slugs of Jetpack and Jetpack CRM extensions.

Fixed: The dashboard contacts card, when it’s empty, doesn’t have padding.

Improved: Now the transactions have available the hidden fields net, discount, fee.

February 25th, 2021 - 12 days ago

Version 4.0.12 11/02/21

Fixed: The setting API menu is visible after activating the API core extension.

Improved: Move the EUR symbol to the top of the currencies selector

February 11th, 2021 - 26 days ago

Version 4.0.11 01/02/21

Fixed: Company activity log now shows the right time regardless of WP installation timezone

Fixed: In some cases Invoice ID was lost when updating

Fixed: Custom label for invoice ID now properly used throughout

Fixed: Apostrophes in company and contact names now display properly throughout

Fixed: Started work on PHP 8 support (fixed deprecation notices)

Improved: Readme (.org description) improvements for readability, added more FAQs

Improved: Settings now casted better, will overcome core extension loading issues for a handful of users on strict php installs

Improved: Made menu adjustments for users using Jetpack and Jetpack CRM on the same install, for easier navigation

February 1st, 2021
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