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Setup Multiple Teams within your CRM.

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Perfect if you are running a business where your users manage their own list of contacts.

Create Multiple Teams

You can create as many teams in the CRM as you need. This lets you keep contact lists private between teams.

Own Contact Lists

Each team can manage their own contact list. Your team can be just One Person or as many team members as the user would like on their team

Full CRM Features

Each team has access to their own settings for the core and extensions. They're also able to use their own API and get the full power of the CRM

Resell our CRM with your brand

Reselling our CRM is easy. We provide an industry leading white label service and 5* support.

Set Your Own Prices

Don't just get a commission, set your own margins and price products your way.

Use Your Own Brand

Remove "Jetpack CRM" throughout and replace with your brand. Link to your own support pages and help guides.

Easily Manage Your Installs

From our control panel you can easily see which installs are using which extensions and what versions they are on.

Reseller Program Pricing

Join our Reseller Program today. Once part of the program you can sell our CRM as your own.

from $649 per year

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Your initial payment of $649 (recurring annually) gives you the following benefits...

White Label Access

Brand the CRM with your brand, change support links and knowledgebase links to your own. Removes all references to Jetpack CRM (worth $240 a year).

License Key with 10 sites

A license key covering your first 10 sites. Pricing equivalent to $3.50 per month per site for the first 10 to help you get off the ground and selling.

Need More Than 10 Sites?

Wow. Great. We have super simple pricing for extra sites!

$649 per year, per 10 sites

Purchase extra license "packs"

This option is an additional yearly payment of $649 to increase your limit up by 10 more sites at a time. You can only reduce this at the end of the year. Not mid year.

This option is preferable if you are running client sites and know you have more than 10 clients consistently.

Contact us for additional site licenses

Customer Testimonials

"My mind is blown away by how much attention has been placed on all the essential details built into Jetpack CRM. It's a polished, professional product that I love being able to bake into my Website as a Service (WaaS), multisite network. It adds true value for my customers and completes my product offering. I've not been able to find any tool quite like it (and trust me, I've looked!) If you're looking to offer true value to your customers, this is worth its weight in gold."

Michael Short


Can I use my own brand as a Reseller

Yes. Our Rebrandr service is included for free for our Reseller customers (usually $20 per month).

Can I upgrade to Reseller

Yes. If you've purchased our Entrepreneur's Bundle you can upgrade to Reseller and only pay the difference.

How Many Teams Can I have

Each team takes up a slot in your CRM licensing. You can add 10 teams with the initial purchase. Contact us to discuss the more sites options.

I do not need teams. Just each user has own list

If each user needs their own list of contacts (not visible to other users) then you can add teams of one to the CRM.

How does support work

You can direct your clients to your own support pages. If you aren't sure on an answer just reach out to us via support and we will help you out.

Is there an unlimited license

No. We do not have an unlimited site license. We can offer discounts for high usage cases. Be sure to contact us to discuss your needs.

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