Our Entrepreneurial Journey

We wanted to start writing more about the journey of an Entrepreneur and the lessons learned along the way. The purpose of this area of the blog is to help you, as Entrepreneurs, to keep your focus on your business and not make some of the same mistakes we did along the way.

We also  want to cover things that have worked well for us. So you can choose to do the same as we did and help your business to grow.

So today, I’m making a commitment to start writing more regularly on this topic and share some of the insights into the business of Jetpack CRM. These insights will help you to charter your very own Entrepreneurial Journey to success. But who is this blog series for.

It’s for you

Whether you work online, or have a “traditional” bricks and mortar business, deep down we are all Entrepreneurs. Heck, even if you currently still work for a corporation, you may have the inner desire to run your own business and no longer work for someone else.

We’ve been there. We’ve worked for 9-5 roles, we’ve took the plunge and quit, and we’ve taken our side project through to successful product. You can too.

The Journey starts today. The Journey starts now.

So strap yourself into the saddle. We’re excited to share our insights in the area of becoming (or continuing to be) a kick ass, Zero BS Entrepreneur.