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Jetpack CRM vs Spreadsheets

In this post I talk about Jetpack CRM vs Spreadsheets. If you’re a small business, or even a solo-entrepreneur then you might be happy to keep doing things using spreadsheets.

While there’s less friction sticking with spreadsheet (staying still, doesn’t require any effort) I’m here to tell you, quite frankly, that you should move to using an online solution, and why you should use Jetpack CRM

But, I love Spreadsheets

Heck, you may even have the “I ❤️ Spreadsheets” Coffee Mug. I hear ya. A little known fact about me is that I love spreadsheets too. One of my first online businesses was excel-lence.info it’s an online consultancy business helping people with Excel.

There’s no knocking it. Using spreadsheets is great. But for your CRM, there’s much better tools (and you can still use your spreadsheets, I’ll show you how a little later in this post).

Here’s my Pro’s and Con’s to using Spreadsheets for a CRM. You should really use CRM software instead of spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Pro’s

  • They’re familiar. They’ve been around years
  • All your stuff is already in Excel, so it’s easy to manage

Spreadsheet Con’s

  • They’re limited, unless you’re really good with excel (but even then, still limited)
  • Using the as a shared document sucks
  • If the file gets corrupt, you’re stuck
  • If it’s deleted you’ll lose work

Why use a self-hosted CRM

Simplicity. A CRM can do a lot of things out of the box that your spreadsheets can’t do. Here’s what Jetpack CRM (core) can do that wouldn’t be fun doing in a spreadsheet.

You can add a new invoice, and assign it to a customer in a couple of clicks. In a spreadsheet you’d need to have setup a link between different sheets.

You can download the invoice as a PDF and even email it to your customer (all at a push of a button). In a spreadsheet you’d need to save as PDF through a few clicks and then attach to an email, etc.

That’s just the core. When using Excel and Rows for customer data it gets really messy trying to keep everything linked together. Where do you keep notes over time on each customer? In an ever expanding array of columns?

Running a team CRM

When it comes to extending your CRM it’s super easy. You just add a new user. They see all your contacts can manage them and add new invoices .  Whereas with a spreadsheet it gets messy.

Extending your CRM

Here’s where the true power of software like Jetpack CRM vs Spreadsheets really comes into its own. You can quickly and easily start accepting payments online for invoices. Chart your progress with our Sales Dashboard and even start subscribing users to email marketing software.

All at the click of a button.

I still like records in a spreadsheet

Well, if you use our Zapier Integration  you can hook up your CRM so that any new customer, new invoice, new quote or new transaction gets added to a Google Sheet. This way you’ll separately maintain a Google Spreadsheet of information which you can then analyse using your usual spreadsheets.

But, all my data is in spreadsheets

Making the move to Jetpack CRM is seriously easy. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll show you. Drop us an email to (hello@blog.zerobscrm.com) and we’ll walk you through getting your data into Jetpack CRM and well on the way to taking the next steps in your business.