Jetpack CRM Privacy Policy

Last updated 15th May 2020

There’s been a lot in the news about Privacy Policies being pages and pages of hard to understand text. Unfortunately these policies also have to “tick a lot of legal boxes” so they have to contain the detailed points. It’s also a requirement that Privacy Policies are “written in clear and understandable” terms, so we’ve put together a simple version of our detailed policy.

You should still read the detailed policy here, but for the no nonsense version, read on.

Our Simple Privacy Policy

Through providing this CRM to you we process personal data.  Here’s how we do it.

  • Our Free CRM on optionally collects your name and email (as a Lead)
  • This is then stored in our Product (Jetpack CRM) to sell our software to our Leads
  • If we make a sale, then we capture more data about you
    • First and Last name, and what you’ve purchased from us
  • We keep track of what pages you visit via the use of Cookies and Google Analytics this lets us analyse the data and
    • See which pages made you purchase
    • Which pages can be improved
    • See which extensions you viewed (and whether to market them to you, on other websites – retargeting)
  • We also process your name and email into our email marketing software
    • You can opt out of this at any time
    • We use it to provide news and updates about Jetpack CRM – we don’t send anything irrelevant
    • We track your interaction with our emails (what links you click) and use them to learn more about your preferences
  • If you comment on any blog post or any any Knowledgebase article this will be public and related to you
  • If you submit us any feedback via our Google Form, or via our help desk we will use that information in the following ways
    • We will analyse it to see if there’s any common themes
    • We may contact you on the back of your feedback, to discuss your data (or let you know about feature updates)
  • We allow Zendesk to serve our help desk. Any emails sent to are forwarded to Zendesk and they import them and analyse them on our behalf.

Want to know what data we hold on you?

No problem, you can Contact Us at any time through our help desk here. We will provide you with

  • A snapshot of our CRM showing what data we hold on you
    • including any tags, or any activity notes against your record
    • including what transaction information we hold for you
  • Whether you are signed up to our email list
  • Whether you are a member of our slack community

The first request is free of charge, any subsequent requests will cost a $50 administration fee.

Mike is our Data Protection Officer and will be the one dealing with your request.

Don’t forget, our full, detailed policy is here.