How to: Integrate Jetpack CRM with Give WP

Posted on July 09, 2017 by Mike Stott

What is Give WP?

Give WP is a Donation Plugin for WordPress. It gives you super easy donation forms for your visitors to donate to your cause. Now, you can connect your Give donation forms to Jetpack CRM and utilise the many benefits of running your own CRM.

How does Give WP and Jetpack CRM work?

When you activate the Give WP to Jetpack CRM Connector Plugin it will automatically start collecting your donation information into your Jetpack CRM. Simply activate the extension (and make sure you have GiveWP and Jetpack CRM installed and activated).

What happens when a donation is made?

When a donation is made through GiveWP donors fill in their information into the form (including their email address). Jetpack CRM takes this information and adds or updates your customer record. It also creates a new transaction against their profile and you can manage everything in one place.

Not to mention the internal Activity log where you’ll be able to add notes on top of the existing automatic entries (e.g. when a new transaction, or new activity happens)

This all leverages the use of Jetpack CRM to manage your relationship with your donors, customers and leads in general.

But Give WP already has donor profiles?

It sure does. And they’re great. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Jetpack CRM as well as Give. In the screenshot above you can see that the customer has made a lot of donations but also they’re a customer of yours (well, mine) and they purchased a product.

They’re also a freelance client, who has been issued invoices (and these invoices have been paid for online using Invoicing Pro)

Not to mention you can use things like the Sales Dashboard to see how adding donations to your business has helped with overall revenues (even if these do funnel off to various charities).

Has your customer count increased since running donations? What about your average revenue per customer?

I don’t really support charities in my line of work

You don’t have to. If you’re a plugin developer you can use donations through Give as a way to fund your next product build. If customers really want to help they can donate to you.

Or, you might be planning a website re-design and reach out to your readers to help donate towards the cost of the re-design.

Anything you can think of that you want to run a donation system for, then you can do that using GiveWP and Jetpack CRM.

Where is the extension?

Give WP is available from as a free extension. We’ve released this extension as our donation to the community and allow you to accept donations using GiveWP and capture them into your Jetpack CRM for free.

You can download the extension here.

8 responses to “How to: Integrate Jetpack CRM with Give WP”

  1. Slam says:

    Hi Mike, is it possible to integrate GiveWP and ZeroBSCRM with ZeroBSCRM running on a different domain and server?

    We have a high traffic site and are a bit worried about adding additional load to our primary site.

    • Woody says:

      Hi Slam,

      Currently it’s not a built-in feature to allow across-install polling of data (like it is with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 etc.) – but I can add this as a feature request for you?

      All the best


  2. Mirko says:

    We have been using the GiveWP plugin for a year now and we are wanting to make use of the ZBS CRM. If we install the connector plugin will it automatically import all of the existing GiveWP donation information into the ZBS CRM? Or will the existing GiveWP data need to be imported some other way?

    • Mike says:

      Hi. You’ll have to import existing donations through CSV import, our CVS importer Pro will allow you to import contacts and associated transactions (donations)

      The extension will capture any new ones going forwards

  3. Dj says:

    Hi I would like to connect Give WP to your CRM, but I see the extension is not downloadable anymore?

  4. Hi,
    GiveWP was acquired by hosting company Liquid Web as you know.

    Any plans to create a native donation feature in Jetpack CRM?

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