How to: Integrate Jetpack CRM with PayPal

Here’s another post in our Integrations series. Covering how to integrate your install of Jetpack CRM with various softwares and services.

Where we have knowledge base documentation I’ll also include the link here. Where there’s documentation I’ll cover in these posts how to integrate – that is – what benefits to your CRM there is by using the integration with PayPal

Why connect your Jetpack CRM with PayPal?

First up, I wanted to cover why you’d want to do such a thing. Well, PayPal is huge, if you’re selling goods or services online then it’s likely you’re using PayPal to take payments.

Especially if you’ve been in business a while (before the likes of Stripe, etc) then you’ll have had a PayPal account for a long time.

There’s lots of hidden gems in your PayPal account, but downloading all your transactions in CSV takes a ton of time, plus you then have to process it.

Importing all your PayPal history to Jetpack CRM

That’s exactly what our PayPal Sync extension does. It connects to your PayPal account (you need a business account) and it’ll work through all your data importing it into your CRM.

This mattersĀ massively because once all the data is in, Jetpack CRM has done some magical things in the background. It’s

  • Grouped all your transactions against customers – so if you have a customer who bought from you in 2013 and again in 2017 – the CRM will have identified this and logged both transactions against that customer
  • You can see theĀ Total Value in your CRM ‘manage customers’ page and how many transactions they’ve made

What to do once it’s in

Once you’ve got your data inside Jetpack CRM from your PayPal history, then PayPal Sync will continue to keep your CRM up to date with any new transactions that happens.

You can see the history of your customers transactions and build up on that data, for example you can even run a Product Coverage Analysis.

Sound good? There’s many reasons why you’d want to keep all your transaction information in the CRM. Coupling the PayPal Sync with the Sales Dashboard lets you see up to date stats about your business growth